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building history


Hotel Maria Cristina

The building has its origins in the fifteenth century when the San Lázaro Hospital was built, founded by Juan Sánchez Greviñan in 1418,  later it was welcomed by the royal patronage of Felipe II changing its name to Royal Hospital.

In the 18th century it left its hospital function and became a barracks, settling in the Infantry Academy and later the Shooting School.

At the end of the 19th century, Fernando Fernández de Córdoba, Marqués de Mendigorría (to whom this street owes its name), founded the María Cristina School for Orphans of the Infantry in the building, whose name comes from the Queen of Spain in the year 1879, Maria Cristina of Habsburg, the building  It was destroyed in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.

After the war it housed different military units until in the 1960s it ceased to be used, leaving the apse and the façade of the building standing.

In 1978 we acquired the building and the rehabilitation works began under the direction of the architect Fernando Chueca Goitia to house the Hotel María Cristina to this day.



1879 María Cristina School for Orphans of the Infantry


1936 destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.


1978 rehabilitation of the building as Hotel María Cristina

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